Mini Salted Caramel Brownies (Just in time for Valentine’s Day)

It’s a time for chocolate and lots of red wine. It’s time for calories and impairment. It’s Valentine’s Day, betches.

I became inspired to do something funky when I saw a box of Ghirardelli chocolate brownies in my pantry.  Now, it was not just any box of brownie mix – no – it was caramel turtle brownie mix. You may now proceed to “ooh” and “ahh” – yes, yes. Diabetes is glamorous, says the girl with hypoglycemia.

However impressed, I felt I could make this box my own.  I got out a cupcake pan and proceeded to make the brownie + walnut mix.  I poured the mix into the cupcake tin (after, of course, greasing the pan).  I baked as recommended, though I wish I’d baked for a little less time, the brownies would have been more moist.

In the interim, I took a container of vanilla frosting and the caramel that came with the brownies. I emptied the frosting into a mixing bowl and drizzled half the packet into the icing and whipped it all together.  I added a pinch of salt, if you want to follow suit, as to make a salty caramel icing.

I took my cupcake brownies out, and using the bottom of a small glass that I had from when my dad and I went to a Bierfest (you know, now that I think of it, a shot glass might work just as well) and I pressed down on top of each hot brownie so I made an indent.  Voila!  Brownie cups.


Taking a spoon, I filled the crater with my vanilla-caramel frosting.  I then took a piping accordion (because I don’t have a piping bag, I’m too cool) and went around the edges to make it pretty.   I drizzled hot caramel (microwave for 30 seconds) over it, swirled it in a little, and sprinkled them with salt.


You can thank me later, after you suck these babies down with some Cupcake Vineyards Red Velvet wine.



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