Butternut Ravioli with Almond Sauce

So, Trader Joe’s has butternut squash ravioli. I made almond cream chicken the other night. I married the two.

And it was delicious. And easy. This is a lazy girl’s wet dream.

So here’s what you do.
1. Buy the ravioli and follow heating instructions.
2. Make the almond chicken.

Le recipe:

Take 1/4 cup of almonds, sliced or diced. Toast them for a couple of minutes. When they are all aromatic and a tiny bit darker (not burnt. Be careful, they only need to be in the skillet three minutes on medium heat) they’re done.

Remove the almonds, put then in a bowl off to the side.

Put two tablespoons of butter in the skillet and heat that up. On medium heat.

When that gets all frothy, place a thin chicken breast in. Cook for about ten to twelve minutes. It should be a little golden brown in each side. Remove. Keep that skillet on. The fun part is next.

Take a half a cup of dry white wine, preferably a riesling (because that’s fun to drink while you’re cooking, that’s why), and pour it in with the chicken juice. Stir and cook until it reduces to two tablespoons (I was impatient and had a little more, but you should totally be more patient than I am, life advice). Take skillet off heat.

Stir in two teaspoons of paprika. I didn’t have paprika so I used two teaspoons of 98% chili powder and 2% sugar mix as a substitute. Mix well. Add in 3/4 cup of heavy cream. Whip it up on high heat until it’s nice and thick.

Pour over chicken and pasta, spinkle with almonds and add pepper to taste.

Voila. You may now pretend you are a culinary genius in under one hour. Go forth. Cream and butter await you.



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